Photo-A-Day #558 10/18/06

So today I rode with Bill from Chicago to Indianapolis. The ride was pretty straight south on highway 65. We made a stop halfway along the route at a Bob Evans for lunch. I love Bob Evans, it is such good tasting down home, make your belly full, food. I had a Pot Roast sandwich. So good.

this morning I got to catch some of the local news in Chicago. There was a guy talking about the movie The Departed. And he was talking about Martin Scorsese directing the movie and they rolled a clip of Goodfellas and someone was asleep at the censor button. When they came back from the clip the guy who was reviewing the movie was white as a ghost. I was like, “Did I just hear what I think I heard?” I got a laugh out of it but this guy is most likely in a bit of trouble right now.

We had dinner at OutBack, which seems appropriate for a night of a new LOST episode. Tonight’s episode was a Locke-centric one but it did bring us up to date with what was happening with Charlie, Claire, Aaron, Desmond, Hurley and Mr. Eko. Oh and the Polar Bear is back. The cgi on that was a bit lame however. But seeing the interaction between Hurley and Desmond was the best parts. Seeing Locke back in action as the hunter of the group was fantastic. This past year was not the best for Locke and it is good for him to be back in action. His flashbacks didn’t resolve much however.

The Nine began very solid this episode. The sequence where the 911 call went out was very suspensions. The end of the show was equally good with all of the people telling the young girl about what happened in the first few minutes of the hostage taking. This show is becoming more and more enjoyable for me.

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