Photo-A-Day #559 10/19/06

Today I gave another demonstration, this one went pretty well. The people this week have been awesome and really fun to travel with. We have had great meals and alot of laughs. I even got most of the folks into one of my Photo-A-Day shots. This week has been a food themed week of pictures. Tonight was no exception. Bill and I had dinner with Mike, Tom and Greg at Kona Jack’s. While we were having dinner we were discussing my Photo-A-Day website and the Staff art show that opens this Tuesday. While discussing this the guys said,”We should be part of today’s Photo-A-Day!” So I asked the waitress to snap a picture of the group. I was going to go with this neon sign of the restaurant.

But I think the one of the group is much better. All with us flashing out white boy gang signs. This group made me nearly pee myself with laughter.

PayPerPost: You may have noticed that I have been going a bit nuts with PayPerPost lately. And frankly I am getting a bit addicted, but for good reason. I’m getting about $5.00 per each post that I make. And I can make 3 posts per day as long as a real post separates each of my PayPerPost posts. That is helping to increase the BenSpark technology fund so that I can provide you, my readers, with some high quality information and entertainment. Gotta help pay for my part of the new camera. So if you see a weird post from time to time you will know it is a PayPerPost posting. I may make those posts a different color so you can pick them out immediately. You know for the BenSpark purists out there. Also you may have noticed the post The Real Deal with PayPerPost, It is more than Meets the Eye. For that post bloggers were asked to create their own made up story about the real deal with PayPerPost, so it is pure fiction.

I have had two of my posts be approved already. One was rejected because this website doesn’t have a good, or any, pagerank from Google. I need at least a 3 pagerank and I have a 0. So they rejected the Photography Corner post, and I actually am going to use that web site. This site has a great theme overall with the Photo-A-Day to tie into a Photography website. I was rather annoyed to have been rejected and a little dejected because this site doesn’t have a good ranking on Google. Which is weird because I get alot of hits from Google.

Speaking of the new camera, I finally ordered it. I ordered a Nikon D80 with two lenses from EBay. The seller was cameta camera and they were recommended to me by Andrea. I placed the order last Friday and it arrived on Tuesday of this week. I can’t wait to start taking some 10MP images. Photo-A-Day is gonna be so awesome in the upcoming months.

Random rant: I have noticed recently that there are a lot of people who cannot be still while they use their cell phones. Walker-talkers are what I call them. Being a traveler I have I observed this phenomenon frequently. Many self important folks strolling all over the place conversing within the world around them and yet oblivious to the world around them. Just yakking away. Walker-Talkers can also be Bluetooth drones, those folks with the tiny phones hanging on their ears. Don’t get me wrong, I want one of those for myself for driving and being safely hands free. But slap me if you see me walking around in public with one. When people where those things all the time they look like they have been assimilated by The Borg.

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