Had dinner tonight at BJ’s Restaurant Brewery. For the East Coasters: no, the giant warehouse club does not have a restaurant. This is a pretty good little brewhouse that has an pizzeria Uno feel to it. I wasn’t up for a beer because I still have a lot of work to do tonight but I did order one of their Chicago Style Pizzas. The restaurant is right outside the door of my hotel so the walk was very quick.

There are some beautiful views but again the best ones are from the car. I’ll try and get some shots of the area tomorrow when I’m, hopefully not as stressed out.

Today’s travel did me in a bit. I hope to run through the demo a couple of times tonight and refresh my memory before tomorrow.

While I was on the plane and in the airports I had lots of time to write up some posts and I posted them up along with three PayPerPost entries. That got me a little relaxed.

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