Photo-A-Day #568 10/28/06

Today I finally got to play with a few things. I’ve been on the road for two weeks and during that time I had my new Nikon D80 Digital SLR camera arrive, and I also had 2 new Transformers delivered and I picked up two other Transformers two weeks ago in New Hampshire. And I hadn’t had the chance to transform them and play with them a little. So I caught two birds with the same net. I used my Nikon D80 Digital SLR camera to take some pictures of the house including the Transformers after I got to transform each one of them. I think my favorite out of the bunch is Bumblebee. I never had the original Bumblebee toy, but this one captures the spirit of Bumblebee. You can just see from the smirk that he’s a fun loving guy.

In the Transformers TV show (the original) Bumblebee was the Transformer who was closest to the human characters. He was also a spy. Since he was small and he was often overlooked because of that size, he made for a great spy. Transformers are Robots in Disguise and Bumblebee was very good at that. I like the addition the jetski trailer that transforms into a jetpack. That was a great touch. But I think the best part is the face. It is perfect Bumblebee.

I also took pictures of Rodimus (Hot Rod, name is no longer a copyright of Hasbro), Optimus, Megatron and StarScream. There are some great galleries already online for these toys but I wanted to play with the macro lens on the Nikon D80 Digital SLR camera to get a good close up of each robot’s face.

I also used the Nikon D80 Digital SLR camera to get a couple of nice shots of Duncan.

Halloween Kitty

Duncan peering out.

Halloween is coming.

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