Photo-A-Day #572 11/01/06

Today I worked on some videos for work. We have a special day coming up and there are some fun videos that are going to be part of it. Since I have some skill with Adobe Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements I volunteered to help out. This afternoon we took a video of my friend Megan. She was supposed to be a glamorous and fabulous marketing specialist in this video. I was the paparazzi photographer. When we were done we saw that the video wasn’t as good as expected but the pictures came out great. So I took the pictures and put them in order and make a fun video out of the pictures. I think that will work out well.

I;m not sure if Megan wants to make her Photo-A-Day debut, so she is hiding. The car was wicked sweet too. A convertible BMW sports car.

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