Photo-A-Day #576 11/05/06

Today Allison and I went to visit Derek and Michelle and baby Nicholas. Nicholas is so cute and he is getting bigger every day. He is such a cute little baby and such a good disposition.

Allison got together some shepherd’s pie and some American chop suey to bring over. The fridge and freezer are now completely full.

Neil and Andrea, Mike and Anna and their son Matthew, and Matt and Beth were there too. Neil, Allison and Beth took turns holding Nicholas. I think next visit I will get my chance. Which of course is fine with me, Nicholas is too new and I wouldn’t want to be the first one to get a scratch on him. Derek and Michelle are adjusting to parenthood very well and little Coco (their dog) is also adjusting well. She is very protective of the baby too. It is very cute. It was fun to go over and visit for a little while today. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Derek displays Nicholas’ traveling clothes

‘Uncle’ Neil is great with the baby

‘Aunt’ Andrea gets a great close up of Nicholas

‘Uncle’ Neil and baby Nicholas

‘Aunt’ Allison get’s to hold baby Nicholas

Artistic photo of Allison and baby Nicholas

‘Uncle’ Drew and ‘Aunt’ Allison with baby Nicholas

Coco, guard dog

The proud parents Derek and Michelle with baby Nicholas

Father and son.

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