Photo-A-Day #59 06/06/05

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There is a tarp covering the fence in our backyard. The fence has decayed over the years with storms and kids climbing over it and once a grandfather lept clear over the fence in pursuit of an escaping canine. So, why the tarp. Well our back yard butts up to the parking lot for a house full of seedy apartments. Some questionable characters are living there and they like to hang out in the parking lot. Well, when the dogs go out to play in the backyard they see the people in the parking lot and they bark at them. Some of the people have yelled at the dogs and this riles them up. So Tara has to get the dogs away from the fence and this is not an easy task. It is also a legitimate concern that one of these people may throw something at the dogs or try to hurt them in some way. So, to prevent this Dad and Erik put up the tarp until such time as we can build the high fence and retaining wall to block out the view of the parking lot and give our backyard more privacy. This should hopefully prevent any future incidences.

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