Photo-A-Day #592 11/21/06

Here are some of my favorite comics from college. That is when I started collecting again. But these comics are new. They have been re-launched. The teams have changed, the missions have changed and the artists have changed. I really liked these books back in college and would visit a couple of comic shops in New Hampshire. There was Hammer’s, Storytellers and another one on Elm Street (actually there were two) and one on Second Street. Now the only shop worth mentioning is owned by a friend who used to frequent the same places that I did. That shop is Double Midnight comics. If you are in the Manchester Area you should see these guys for your books. The shop is the best one I’ve ever been to. It is worth a look.

Check out these titles too. Wildcats is back, so is Stormwatch, Wetworks, and Gen13. They were hot once and look to be hot again.

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