Photo-A-Day #594 11/23/06

Today was a great family day. Allison and I spent the night at a cottage at the Inn at Valley Farms with my parents. We spent the morning around the cottage. We visited with the animals, Allison made friends with the goats. Then Tara and Erik came over to use the cottage’s wireless Internet. We got to see some of his pictures from India. We are very glad that he has returned to the US. Howard and Bonnie came over and Shelby arrived. We went to The Walpole Inn for a great dinner. They had warm olives, pumpkin bread and the dinners were excellent. It was a very nice afternoon. After dinner we came back to the cottage to get comfortable clothes and then headed to Tara and Erik’s house. We played a board game called Sequence. Shelby and I played against Dad and Tara and Mom and Allison. Shelby and I won both games. We are a bit competitive. It was a fun little game. Here is a shot of the family at dinner.

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