Photo-A-Day #601 11/30/06

Today I demonstrated in St. Louis. Then I had a really long ride back to the hotel. A serious ice and rainstorm came in while I was doing my demonstration and our 45 minute ride to the site ended up being a 2 1/2 hour ride home. That was a bit difficult to take.

All of the American Airlines flights were cancelled so tomorrow if I actually do get to head home I’m going to be in a crazy busy airport. The hotel is packed and everyone is at the hotel restaurant. So I guess staying at a full service Marriott does have the advantage of room service. I got a great turkey club on a Gus’ pretzel roll. And I got some Gooey Butter Cake with strawberries and blackberries on top. That was some tasty dessert. I am stuffed now.

Today’s photo was on the way home from the demonstration. It is the St. Louis Arch in the foggy, icy, sleety rainy weather.

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