Photo-A-Day #605 12/04/06

Photo-A-Day 605 120406

Tonight Allison and I had Erik over for dinner and we watched The Office and Scrubs that we had taped from last Thursday. Those were some pretty funny episodes. I had watched part of Scrubs on mute from the hotel so I had no clue why they were all dancing. There seemed to be so much packing into that one episode too.

Today was a rather stressful day too. I am kinda leary about a new venture at work that I can’t talk about here. I am driving on an expired inspection sticker because I was stuck in St. Louis for the most of the weekend. So I tried to go get a new sticker but was too late to do so. Probably because I had to stop ad get money from the ATM because it no money this morning and I dropped of my suit to the cleaners. And well when I got there the line was already closed for the inspections. I am going to have to try again tomorrow.

I ended up doing some painting in the bedroom. I started putting primer on the molding so that would be ready to be painted. Dad patched some more cracks during the day and we should be ready soon to paint the whole room, or at least prime it soon.

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