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Today Dad and I painted the new bedroom. I finished up the primer on the woodwork/trim/molding (words are becoming interchangeable. Dad did the ceiling and then put the primer on the walls. The primer is tinted to the color that we are going to be putting on the walls. Even through the room is huge we still have half the bucket of paint left. Maybe we will be able to use that up in another room.

Duncan got in while I was painting around a door between that room and our living room. He got confused and ended up getting streaked with white because he hopped into the built in drawers. His ear is still a little white and he has a bit of a stripe in the middle of his back. Duncan looks pissed off at me for taking this picture and embarrassing him.

Got Allison’s car fixed today. I don’t think anyone should be picking on me about taking leaves off the car because apparently some pumps got clogged with… leaves and it was not inexpensive to get those cleaned out and fixed. So if you see leaves around your windshield and that space between the windshield and the hood, pick ‘em out.

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  1. andycamp says:

    I always leave the leaves in that space. Never thought it would cause an issue. I will be more vigiliant.

    Of course I it might interest you to know that I have been sneaking over to you house and putting leaves in Allison’s gas tank.
    I find and amusing diversion to the day

  2. Allison says:

    Andy, we’ll be sure to send you the bill for that visit to VW Service! 😉

  3. Drew says:

    Yeah that was a fun bill.

  4. andycamp says:

    I wish I could type and spell. I seem to have lost all ability to communicate with the outside world. I can barely understand myself when I read back stuff I have written.


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