Photo-A-Day #61 06/08/05

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This afternoon when I got home from work my father and I worked on moving the old clubhouse in the backyard away from the fence. This coming weekend we will be putting up the new fence and hopefully be able to give our backyard some more privacy. My Dad made this clubhouse when I was about 4 or 5 years old. It was a clubhouse for me and my sisters. I used to climb up the back of the roof and play adventure games. Lots of squirt-guns and cheap plastic yellow pellet guns were fired from the top of that roof. Dad eventually put a real window in the clubhouse and a door, and the clubhouse officially became a shed. So we moved the shed 16 feet through the course of the late afternoon. I took a bunch of pictures as we moved the clubhouse across the yard. They are in another gallery. The NA Backyard Cleanup ’05. Unfortunately to save time I quickup-loaded these pictures and they aren’t in the intended logical order and there is no way to put them in the correct order without deleting them and starting again. I figure you are all smart enough to see when something has moved.

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