Photo-A-Day #615 12/14/06

Photo-A-Day 615 121406

I am in Erlanger Kentucky today. I gave a demonstration this morning. Also this morning my new electric razor ran out of power. No problem, I’ll just plug it in. Nope, I didn’t bring the power cord for it and I don’t think I charged it since the first time I had charged it upon purchase. Yeah, the razor cut out at the exact midpoint of my shaving. I had half a face shaved and half all scruffy. Luckily I just shut the razor off for a minute, turned it back on and used it furiously till it shut off again. I was able to do this enough times to get my whole face smooth. That could have been very inconvenient.

Let’s see, I found out that One of my stocks dropped 15 points in one day the other day because they failed on a clinical trial. This stock has been nothing but misery since I bought it. Well, now I can sell it and take the loss as a tax deduction. The stock is called NUVELO INC. Here is the story about the drug failure.

Today’s photo is is of how awesome the sky looked.

The other photo of a water tower in Florence, KY. I thought it was kind of fun.

Photo-A-Day 615b 121406

And the other photo is of the wall at Hoggy’s.

Photo-A-Day 615c 121406

Hoggy’s is a BBQ place in KY. The food was very good and so were all the sauces. They also kept bringing us more and more cornbread, my weakness. I learned about the New England BBQ Championships. I think they would be a lot of fun to go to.

On iTunes I found a very funny video podcast called Don’t Be That Guy Films. I downloaded and watched all eight of the episodes. They were very funny. The guys have some good ideas and each episode ends with a picture of a guy that you don’t want to be. You can subscribe to their podcast, I’d recommend that you do so.

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