Photo-A-Day #619 12/18/06

Photo-A-Day 619 121806

There is another puzzle out there from my friends at PayPerPost. So much is happening with them right now. PayPerPost released a press release today. The terms of service have been changed to require Posties to disclose that they are writing sponsored posts. I have tried to make it very transparent that I am posting blog messages for money. I just surpassed $1,000 in blogging money too. So now in addition to the posts being in green they will also have information at the end of the post clearly stating that the post is sponsored and that I am being paid to post the blog post. There is also a link to the PayPerPost referral system. So, if you click it you can join PayPerPost and I’ll get a $15.00 referral fee. So thank you for that.

Today’s photo is of my Mickey tie. I wore it today because the latest contest is a new puzzle. It gives clues as to what Episode 4 of RockStartup is all about.

Tonight I went to my gym for a personal assessment. It is really sad when you find out that you have shrunk. I am shrinking. I need to improve my posture because I lost a whole inch. I am now 5’8″. The assessment went well. And then came the upsell. But the thing is they weren’t high pressure about it at all. The prices were outrageous for training sessions and a nutrition plan but they didn’t try and force it on me. So I liked that. I left with a good feeling and a Berry Berry smoothie. So it is hitting the gym hard sometime soon. Most likely after the holidays. I mean it, I really do.

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