Photo-A-Day #621 12/20/06

Photo-A-Day 621 122006

Update: The cookie has been coined, cookie Kaboom by my friend Marilyn.

Tonight I made experimental cookies for tomorrow’s little Secret Santa, Hanukkah Armadillo celebration. The photo was one of the edible casualties. Sorry to see him go, with milk! Yummy, yummy. I wanted to make a cookie that used some of my favorite snacks, pretzels, cookies, Rolos and M&M’s. The results came out tasting okay but looking rather strange. Here is some photo documentation of the creation of my ultimate holiday cookies.

The first batch started with the pretzel.

I then added Rolos in either loop.

M&Ms were added to the small opening.

I then covered the creation with cookie dough, put them in the oven at 350 for 5 minutes, spun them and cooked for another 5 minutes and then took them out to cool.

The finished product, notice the Rolos have exploded into gooey caramel blobs.

The next batch I tried it another way.

Christmas Cookie
Inverted the cookie so the dough was on the bottom and everything else was on top.

Christmas Cookie Experiment 2006
The finished Product, looks a little better but the Rolos exploded again.

So I tried something completely different and since I had no more full pretzels I just used single loops.

But before I did that I had the casualty cookie.

Christmas Cookie Experiment 2006
Broken but tasty.

Christmas Cookie Experiment 2006
Using pretzels as a base again.

Christmas Cookie Experiment 2006
Rolos and then cookie dough on top.

Christmas Cookie Experiment 2006
Add a few M&Ms on top.

Christmas Cookie Experiment 2006
The Finished Product. These came out looking and tasting fantastic, can’t wait to share them with everyone.

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