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Allison baked many Christmas cookies last night and this morning. The whole apartment smells like gingerbread at the moment. She made three different kinds of cookies that required the use of a cookie press. Luckily we got one of those as a wedding gift. Allison learned all about different cookie dough and whatnot for her press. The cookies she made came from the Christmas Cookies website. She made Gingerbread Spritz, Angel Whispers and Snowflakes. I got to taste test each batch and they were very tasty. This morning as she finished the snowman shaped Gingerbread Spritz cookies I grabbed a shot of the results. All her cookie making last night and today was the first time with each recipe. I am fortunate to have a wife so skilled with cooking and baking.

We drove up to NH to spend the weekend with Dan and Marcia. And then it is back home to MA on Christmas morning.

Tonight we went down to Lowell to visit Allison’s friend Lindsay. Lindsay and her boyfriend have a nice condo in the northern part of Lowell, near Dracut. It is a quick trip down 93 to get there. They had a full house, kids, pets and people. I got alot of compliments on my D80 Nikon Camera and spent a lot of time talking to Lindsay’s dad about cameras. I even took a few pictures (imagine that)

Photo-A-Day 624b 122306
This is Finnegan, he is beautiful and so well mannered

Photo-A-Day 624c 122306
Lindsay and Dave

Photo-A-Day 624d 122306
Allison and Marcia

Photo-A-Day 624e 122306
Allison and Lindsay

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No Responses to “Photo-A-Day #624 12/23/06”

  1. Lisa says:

    Tell Allison those cookies are beautiful! I’ve tried to do snowmen before and it is hard to do – mine kept falling apart – and they only had two body parts!
    And oh, Finnegan – looks so darn sweet!
    Looks like a fun time!

  2. Drew says:

    The cookie press was a kitchenmaid. Once she got the hang of it it was smooth sailing.

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