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Today was a very busy day at our house. The move to more area within the house is coming along. This morning I finished painting the baseboards, then Dad cut in the rest of the wall paint and touched up any remaining spots that needed it. Allison and I washed all the windows. Dad and I put together the IKEA bed. That went together like a dream. Five pieces, 4 screws, bing bang boom and done. The mattress, our new Tempur-Pedic arrived around 12:00 as Allison and I were finishing the windows. The room is now cleaned top to bottom, the bed is in.

Photo-A-Day 628b 122706

This shows the floor better.

After lunch Dad and I went to home depot to get a few things, a ceiling light for my closet, some light bulbs and a hot water tank. When we found the hot water tanks the one we wanted was a 50 gallon with a 12 year warranty, electric. There was one, the box was open and liked like the hot water heater had seen better days. One of the Home Depot guys came around the corner while we were looking at it and said that it was probably open because people check them out that way. Then he came closer and looked in the box. “I wouldn’t buy it” he says. So we didn’t buy it. We’ll try another home depot. We did pick up the light, some felt protectors for underneath the casters on the bed, and a longer pull chain for my closet light.

When we got home the glass that is supposed to surround the light was broken. So frustrating. So Dad installed the light and is returning the cracked bowl later on. Tomorrow I can start moving my stuff into that closet. We also installed the plate rack that Allison got from Southern Home Living. We are going to pick 3 of our favorite pictures and get them done in canvas to put on that rack.

Oh and I nearly forgot, we went through the front hall to get all the bedding for the new bed and ended up rearranging everything, and yet it looks exactly the same as before we cleaned it. Yet we took a lot of stuff out of the front hall. So all in all it was a very busy day.

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  1. Mo says:

    Hey, I know you have tons of pictures of me to put onto the canvas-but if you are looking for more just give me a call and we’ll work something out!


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