Photo-A-Day #629 12/28/06

Photo-A-Day 629 122806

Today I spent the morning moving from my old closet to my new closet. The new closet is great, it has a set of shelves that were perfect for my collectibles and other stuff. Most of the morning was spent moving my Star Wars Lego collection. All in all there are 55 sets with 11276 Lego pieces. I cleaned each box and lined them up by size, recorded the set number, name and number of pieces in the set. Then I photographed each box. So now I have a full record of each set. It is a little anal but I figured when else would I do that. All the Star Wars Lego sets fit on the top shelf. the second shelf is home to some of my special Transformers Sets, including a 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime and a New Year’s special edition Optimus Prime from Japan.

So my old closet has been moved, all of my clothes fit in the three drawers so that is one piece of furniture that can go to goodwill (my old dresser). The only thing not in the closet are some comic book boxes. I have to figure out what to do with them.

this afternoon Dad and I went to Home Depot again and got a new light fixture for my closet. We also got an 80 gallon electric water heater for my Aunt Millie. We brought that over and visited with Uncle Freddie and his dog Ginger for a while. I wish I had my camera with me to take a picture of Ginger. She is a cute little dog. She is about the size of Duncan. And she sat on my lap like Duncan does.

We made the bed tonight. Probably not going to sleep in it yet, still have no shades and Erik doesn’t want to see me getting ready for bed. So we have to go search for that stuff tomorrow because now the bed is in the house and I really want to sleep in it.

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