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Today Allison and I went to Providence to see Dublin Carol starring William Peterson from CSI. Allison got me tickets for our 1 year anniversary. We started the day with lunch at Fire + Ice.

Dinner/Late Lunch at Fire + Ice was a fun experience. At Fire + Ice you pick out the food that you want to have cooked. Then you pick a sauce to go with it. You pile up your bowl of ingredients.

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I would not go with crayfish again but the sauce was very good and everything else in the bowl was good too.

We each made two trips up to the food stations and tried a couple concoctions. It was a fun experience. I think it would be a good time with a large group of people as well, but it was equally good with just the two of us.

After Fire + Ice we walked to Trinity Rep to see Dublin Carol. We passed through Waterplace Park and up past the Dunkin Donuts center on the Way to Trinity Rep.

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Waterplace Park

The play was very good, dark humor, some of it depressing, but I think that there was hope there at the end. William Peterson was excellent as John. Rachel Warren was Mary, John’s daughter and she was also the lead in the Play Edwin Drood that we saw last year. After the show there was a 20 minute discussion with the Creative Director of Trinity Rep. That was interesting.

We drove over to Derek and Michelle’s to visit them at the annual New Year’s Party. It was low key this year because Nicholas was born 2 months ago and the new parent’s have a lot on their plates. Neil and Andrea were there as well as Matt and Beth. We took turns playing with Derek’s Nintendo Wii. I really want to get one of those things now. I made a Mii character that looks very much like me, we all agreed that I translate well into cartoon. Scary.

Photo-A-Day 632d 123106
Very Scary

Photo-A-Day 632i 123106
Spitting image.

Photo-A-Day 632e 123106
Nicholas was the first to pass out.

Photo-A-Day 632g 123106
Annual Gift Swap between Neil and Derek, no Men of Honor this year, three was enough.

Photo-A-Day 632f 123106
Derek;s gift, Hot Shots.

Photo-A-Day 632h 123106
The Burger King makes an appearance.

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