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Target is once again making itself my favorite place ever. They are marking down so many items to insanely low prices. Case in point, Cybertron Primus has been marked down from $50 to $12. So I had to buy him. He turns into the planet of Cybertron. He’s covered in an entire arsenal.

I played around with this picture in Photo Shop. By playing with the filters I came up with this effect that kind of looks like a giant robot coming through the fog. It has been a while since I took a picture of one of my transformers. I’m very excited to now have Primus.

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  1. Head says:

    Is this one of your pay-per-post posts or do you really love Target?

  2. Drew says:

    That is kind of irritating. I post all my PPP stuff in Green with a disclosure statement. Was this post green? Was their a disclosure statement? No? So what do you think? Yes, I love Target, the place is awesome.

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