Photo-A-Day #646 01/14/07

Today Allison and I went to Mass (and by the count of our envelopes we hadn’t made it in a while.) We always enjoy Mass when Fr. Dave is presiding. He gave a very nice homily today. On the way out of Mass he told me that one of my friends from childhood is getting married. I’m very happy to hear that. I wanted to catch her brother after Mass but he disappeared before I could flag him down.

After Mass Allison and I had a late breakfast at JD’s, a local restaurant that has really good breakfast. Then we got home and finished putting away all of the books that had been on the table and I went through the files and consolidated, shredded and filed. Everything is in order now.

We spent the late afternoon watching the Patriots beat the Chargers downstairs with my Dad. Mom got a last minute invite to go see Wicked. That is a play that I hear nothing but good reviews about. I hope she liked it.

For the game Allison made Buffalo Chicken dip and it was fantastic. Very filling, I have a ton left, we should freeze it for next Sunday’s game. We also had a great Chili that my mom made. I am always mesmerized by the fireplace downstairs. I had to try and get a picture. So even though the wood is a little blurry it was the way the fire made designs that I wanted to capture tonight.

I finished Mystic River this morning also. It was a decent read.

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