Photo-A-Day #647 01/15/07

The other day I took a PPP opp that asked what I was doing with the money I made with PPP. Well, right after I put up that I bought an iPod and a new Soda Club machine I had to go to Lowe’s to pick up some insulation for my Dad. On the way to Lowe’s my car makes a “CLUNK” sound and the next thing I know my car sounds like a bad knock off of The Fast and the Furious. My muffler took that opportunity to give me a karmic kick in the nuts. So today I went to Midas and got a new Muffler. So you can guess what else PPP money will be paying for.

But don’t cry for me just yet because I did go and get a sweet new monitor for Allison and I. It is a Viewsonic 22″ HD ViewDock LCD monitor. This thing is awesome. For one thing it has an iPod dock built right into the front of the powered base. It has integrated speakers, mic and subwoofer. There are 4 additional USB ports and an 8 in 1 card reader also built in. And all this plus the clarity of the Viewsonic monitor and the size of the 22″ screen. I love Viewsonic products and am very happy with the purchase.

Tonight I also got to write a couple of letters. One to Hertz and the other to Southwest. As you might know Allison had some travel trouble on her recent trip. And on Friday we got a bill for a car that we never rented. What a pain.

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