Photo-A-Day #649 01/17/07

Tonight I went to the Outlaw BBQ with the guys for guys night. We had wings and beers and whatnot. This photo is of the guys and me doing a U2 picture. Steve who is on the left is the one who introduced us to the concept of the U2 picture. Have you ever noticed that in pictures of the band U2 no one is looking at the camera. Take a look sometime. I used my new gorillapod to take the shot.

Today I also had my yearly physical, things went pretty well. I’m down 11 pounds from last physical so that is decent. However the bright part of my day was the arrival of my iPod. I am so psyched. I loaded it up with tons of podcasts. I just keep finding cool stuff to put in this thing. I’ve already filled 20GB of space on podcasts alone. Could be all the Best Week ever stuff.

I also took my Nikon D80 to the Camera company and they took care of the stuff on the sensor. So my camera is now on tip top shape. They didn’t even need to send it out.

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