Today our Penguin arrived. The Penguin is a replacement soda maker. It came with six glass carafes and 4 carbonators. We’ve been without homemade soda for a while and are very happy to have some back in the house. Now we need to order some more soda mix. We are down to the flavors that we don’t like that much. If you are looking to get one of your own you can click here. You can also click on the banner on the sidebar. You can get so many different flavors and mix them however you would like. Good stuff and very tasty. Now when six friends come over with six different tastes I can whip up six different soda choices.

What to do with the other one? Mo you should order some Fountain Jet reusable bottles. You’ll be getting a full carbonator and the Fountain Jet machine and some sample packs. Don’t say I never gave you anything. Remember you gotta reorder your supplies through this site. 🙂

Orange Mango and Grape. Delicious

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No Responses to “Photo-A-Day #650 01/18/07”

  1. Mo says:

    I was going to make an indecent joke about the phrase “never giving me anything…” but this is way way to generous a gift to be rude about…so that is MY present to you!! Ha!! Seriously, I’m all excited now…I’ve had the thing on my favorites page for awhile…and now I get to order from it! THANK you!!!