Today I received my box of swag from PayPerPost. Included was a T-Shirt (Says Spreading Like Peanut Butter), the 13″ pen, a box of mints, the giant foam finger and $5.00 in Pingo cards. Not a bad deal. I sent them a framed picture of Allison and I for their Great Wall of Posties.

Tonight Amy and Ryan and Mason came over for dinner. They lent us their video camera so I can finally get the wedding video loaded into the computer. I tried a few things and they didn’t work then Amy showed me that I was connected to the wrong port on the camera. Then things went a little better. So I let the whole first tape run all the way through. However that was too much for the computer to process so I am going to have to work with capturing individual clips. That will be the next project. I am excited to get working on this project though. I think many folks have been wanting to see it. Well that will have to wait till this week is done because I have three videos left to do for work, plus a director’s cut of the intro for the folks who helped on the writing and acting. I owe it to them to show them the things they worked so hard on.

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