So today I had homemade French Meat Pie. This year my Mom, Ellen, Allison, Donna and Carissa worked on making meat pies. They made about 24 of them. We had one in the freezer and since it has gotten cold out we took it out the other day to have for dinner. Since the average pie has 8 slices we had it for dinner, lunch, dinner and lunch again. Today I must have microwaved my piece too long because when I was done I ended up with the Glad logo imprinted on my pie crust. Actually this happened after the microwaving was done and as I walked to my desk (no rest for the weary had to do more video stuff. All done tomorrow) The container basically imploded and the Glad logo was squished into the crust. I sat down and took the cover off the container and saw this, so I had to take a picture of it. Tomorrow I will get the decorations in the auditorium because everything is decorated so nice.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Can you post about the baseball forum tomorrow. The Sat you can post about the soccer forum. I wonder how many days in a row you can post about sports forums. I am betting you can get to at least 10 days with out even having to mention the caber tossing forum.

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