Photo-A-Day #662 01/30/07

First I would like to say that today;s is my Mom’s birthday so Happy Birthday Mom! I’m looking forward to going out to dinner with Mom Dad and Allison on Thursday night to celebrate.

Also please keep a dear friend of our family in your prayers. I just found out from Allison last night that my sister’s good friend Jack is in a coma. Jack as you may remember ran the Cape Cod Marathon this past year in his best time ever. Please keep Jack in your prayers.

Tonight I am still in Maryland and the demonstrations went well. We had a bit of a connection glitch but it worked out well. The day was long and I was pretty tired but I was able to do all my demonstrations. I got a lot of practice on the new scripts too.

When the demo day was over I went back to the hotel and caught up on Best Week Ever Videos on my iPod. I also realized that I can start another month of PPP blogging and try to get as close to $500 without going over. I end up front loading on posts the beginning of the month and quickly get to $500.00. Now I have two friends who are posting for PPP, Autumn of Autumn’s Space and Maureen of We’re in a Fight.

We went to O’Leary’s for dinner tonight. That is the fish outside the restaurant in the photo today. The food there was so delicious. I had an incredible lobster bisque, calamari and the most delicious crab cake ever. I have not been a fan of crab cakes because what I have experienced of crab cakes in the past just does not do crab cakes justice. This crab cake was almost 100% lump crab meat with so very little filler that I questioned how it all stayed together. Here is a picture of it, it just doesn’t do the dish justice.

I will have to make sure to get crab cakes again in Maryland. They were incredible. This one even beat the ones from Sunday night.

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