Photo-A-Day #663 01/31/07

As I am writing this Duncan is using my lap as a jungle gym. He has not left me alone since I have gotten home. It is nice to feel loved but this is getting a little ridiculous. The boys have been getting accustomed to their new digs. We have opened a wall and let them have run of the upstairs for the time being. So there has been much to explore and to smell. I guess the computer is as good a place as any for Duncan to sit upon. I’m going to have to get a stand for the computer and push it back further, it keeps hitting my knees.

Today after my flights, sorry but they went well today so nothing to rant about. I even got first class from Philly to PVD. Not sure how that happened but it also happened on the way out from PVD to Philly. And we had no close calls on the landings so that was good.

Anyway, on the way home after my flights I stopped at Best Buy to get some hands on opinion of some cameras that I am looking into. They are the Canon SD line. I looked at the 7MP SD800 and the 10MP SD900. I still have to do more research on them both but they look like winners. And they took some really nice pictures. Here is a side-by-side features comparison at Digital Photography Review.

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