Tonight Allison and I took Mom and Dad to Fortune House for dinner. It was to celebrate Mom’s birthday. Fortune house is the best place ever for Chinese Food. The people are so nice and they love my Mom. She feels like a celebrity when she goes there. Allison and I love going there too because the food is so fantastic. I tried something new tonight. I got the Kung Pao Beef. I had not gotten that before and was very happy with my choice.

After dinner we swung by Comp USA so I could pick up the iPod cradle from my monitor because I left it on the monitor when I returned it today to exchange it for a new one. That story can be found on my other blog, Flatwater Bookstore.

Today’s photo is of the lamps that Allison and I ordered before we got our nightstands. Do you think they are too big?

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  1. Don says:

    Drew! Allison! Guys, how are you? Wanted to drop a line and say hello. Well, hello. Hope all is well.