Photo-A-Day #666 02/03/07

Photo-A-Day #666 02/03/07

This past Tuesday Allison began her new hobby, knitting. She is taking a knitting class at a store downtown called Yarn It All. This past Tuesday was her first class and she has been working away at her first project, a scarf, ever since. The scarf is now about 2 feet long and is coming along nicely. Allison got some knitting supplies from Tara and they are both going to take the class. Tara is going to start up this Tuesday and I think Allison’s friend Jenn is as well. She is very excited about the project and the class. She has already said that she wants to knit me a Jayne Cobb hat eventually. I will be very excited to get it too. Duncan and Oliver have been sitting on Allison’s lap too and she enjoys that they don’t disturb her as she knits and she can knit and not disturb them. Although it looks like Duncan has his eyes on the yarn.

Photo-A-Day #666b 02/03/07

Other than that today we went shopping, I burned a couple of DVD’s for work and Allison cleaned more out of the old bedroom. Things are coming along. Her old closet is empty and that is a good sign. We now have to find someone who will take the old furniture as a donation.

Attention Photo-A-Day Hosts: Buzznet was not letting me upload today’s photo so I uploaded it to Flickr instead. I will upload to Buzznet as soon as I get a chance to and as soon as it is working again.

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