I arrived in Lubbock, TX today. I’ll be back on a plane in less then 12 hours too. My demonstration went well and after the demo I came back to the hotel and did a few posts on the blog. I also read some more of Final Target.

Tonight we went as a group to Orlando’s. Orlando’s is an Italian restaurant with Tex Mex flair. We had Mafia Queso, which was awesome. I also ordered wings but got the wrong ones because they were not that good. The pizza I ordered was doughy and I only ate two pieces because of the Mafia Queso. All around the top of the wall of the building there are empty wine bottles. It is a really interesting display. They also had some great wine quotes like “Wine is the thinker’s health drink” and some other ones I cannot remember. The place was pretty cool.

Here is a photo from yesterday. A water pipe burst in the airport and the weather was so cold that it turned to a thick freezing fog. I have video from my camera phone and my Sanyo Xacti C4. I posted it to YouTube and here it is below.

I really would have thought that people would have been more freaked out over seeing what looked like smoke billowing out of the area.

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