Photo-A-Day #670 02/07/07

I was searching through some Posties websites and I came across a project called the toss a camera. What you do is set your camera’s timer and toss it in the air and let it go off. All I seemed to do was toss the camera across the room after setting the 2 second timer and have it go off as it hit the bed, across the room, then it went off. On this one the camera bounced off the bed and then went off capturing my suitcase and a tie, I have no idea where the lights came from in the picture. The one thing that seemed to help when I tossed the camera was that it now focuses a lot faster than it had been lately. That is weird. The poor thing is on its last legs.

Today I crossed the mighty Mississippi River on my way from Missouri to Illinois. It was the first time I had even gotten close to the river. Unfortunately I was on a bridge and could not stop to take any pictures.

I was only in Lubbock Texas for less than 24 hours so I could not get to the Buddy Holly Museum. The airport however had a mural of Buddy Holly and so I took a picture of it for Mom and Dad. They recently watched an old movie about Buddy Holly called The Buddy Holly Story that starred, of all people Gary Busey as Buddy Holly. Here is the picture from that.

Pornado. Clicking a pop-up that releases a torrent of porn related pop-ups. Coined by Hodges on TV show Bones. The phrase is perfect for what happens after an errant click. Bones was a very good episode tonight. There were many good guest stars. I love the psychiatrist character who worked with Booth. Those were some great moments.

I am so all about the podcast right now. If you haven’t seen the podcast then you are missing out on some fantastic information about great gadgets. I already have a list of things to look out for. By watching I found out that Sanyo is releasing a Xacti HD2 camera. This will be an update to the Sanyo Xacti HD1A. There will be 7MP instead of 5MP and they also improved the low light recording. If I am to start a podcast at some point then the Sanyo Xacti HD2 is the camera I’ll be getting to do the recording. I haven’t gone through the blog or all the archives at but I will. The episodes are great and very short. I’ve seen episodes 83 – 126. So I have about 82 to go back through and watch. Cali Lewis is a great host as well. Her rapid fire delivery is very entertaining and informative. Give it a watch sometime; you’ll learn something about cool gadgets.

I also finished Final Target and I picked up Carl Hiaasen’s Skin Tight. I like his stuff and one of his characters from a previous book of his is in this book.

Tonight I took a bitterly cold walk over to Target. I picked up some water and a hat and some target dog cookies. The cookies were very tasty and the hat is too young and hip for me but I needed something for the cold weather. The hat was marked down to $1.48, that was a sweet deal.

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5 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #670 02/07/07”

  1. that hat is cool. However I can not condone camera tossing. That just seems like a bad idea. I bet you get better pictures the higher you toss you camera

  2. I like the hat, but might just be too old to pull it off. The camera tossing was an idea born of desperation. The camera has been a faithful piece of technology to me for the past 3 1/2 years. Just because it is now being a pain and not working as well as when I first got it is no reason to throw it across the room.

    I agree, the higher the toss the better the picture. I also suggest putting a little spin on it.

  3. Just wait until your wife starts knitting you hats that you have to wear and cannot publicly admit are “uncool!” That will be fun!!!

  4. I bet dropping a camera into water would make a really cool picture. Or maybe if you ran it over with a car.

    As for the wife knitting you have to take a stand today and say Wife you are doing a great job but I am allergic to yarn so I can not wear any of your great creations. You should share your gift with the world and help clothe the homeless. I will suck it up for the good of man kind and continue to wear polyester blends

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