Photo-A-Day #671 02/08/07

Today I was in Springfield, IL in the morning and then we drove to Clinton, IL in the afternoon. I demonstrated for less than an hour and then we began our 3 hour journey back to St. Louis, MO. On the drive back we stopped at this Route 66 roadside antique store that had some giant statues. One is of a pink elephant and the other is of a giant boy who looks like he should be holding a bottle or something. I like getting a chance to see different interesting things on the road and the giant statues were pretty interesting.

We made it back to the hotel by the airport and checked in. I then went and dropped off the car at the rental return and caught up with Mike at the concierge lounge. We went to the hotel Restaurant for dinner and had a delicious Lobster Macaroni and Cheese and some Gooey Butter Shortcake for dessert. Very tasty. It’ll be an early night tonight as I have a 6:10am flight. I have the best room tonight. There is a 37″ flatscreen TV and I can connect my laptop to the TV and work and watch at the same time. Pretty cool.

Bonus Photos

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