Photo-A-Day #672 02/09/07

I arrived home from St. Louis today. I have to say that the beds at the Marriott by the airport are so comfortable. There are a bunch of fluffy pillows that I basically place all around myself to lock myself into the bed. The bed itself is very comfortable too. This room has some very nice features. The alarm clock could wake you up with ocean sounds or put you to sleep with ocean sounds. I wasn’t too sure about waking up to the ocean. I didn’t think that it would do the trick for me. I got my customary wake up call, set the alarm and now I set the iPod alarm as well. So there was no way I was going to oversleep and miss a flight. You just don’t want to start your day in that fashion.

The flights were very uneventful. I shouldn’t do first class that often because I have come to really enjoy the room. It was a sad reality sitting in the back of the plane getting my knees jammed and having the person in front of me reclining their seat practically in my lap. Yep that was a reality check. It is okay though, I slept most of the ride home. I also read a bit of Skin tight and I watched many different podcasts like the Official Lost podcast, The National Geographic Wild Chronicles podcasts and also All were very entertaining. I have also been watching the On the Road T.V. Show with Harley Davidson.

I also picked up some comic books from my local comic book shop Wild Times Comics. I’ll be posting little reviews later about them.

This is a picture from the plane as we were landing in Providence. I’ve got to take more pictures from the plane rides.

Some cool things came int he mail today but I will have to talk about them later.

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