Photo-A-Day #673 02/10/07

Notice the scarf Allison is wearing. She made that.

Bonus Picture of Allison for today.

Today Allison and I went to IKEA to return a rug we bought along with some roman shades. We picked up a new rug as well as a chair for the office and some lamps for the bedroom. A couple other things and we were all set. We walked through IKEA in record time on this trip. It took as almost no time to get there. We’ve tried many different routes but the one today was faster than all the others. And on the way we listed to my iPod on my new Monster iCarPlay Plus Wireless FM Transmitter/Charger for iPod. The sound quality wasn’t fantastic but was okay for our ride. We listened to an old Pop Candy Podcast.

After IKEA we stopped at the Red Wing Diner. It is an old diner that has fantastic fried seafood. And you pay for it. We split a Fisherman’s Platter that was loaded but it should have been for the price. The place was nice and very lived in and comfortable. A real place for regulars to come and hang out. The Red Wing Diner was featured on the Phantom Gourmet and I’ve been wanting to try it but it was never the right time of day or we already had plans. Today we kept our options open. The meal was great, the one thing I did have issue with was another patron siting next to us who was very loud and said every single mundane thing that popped into her head. No that is incorrect because it was as if thoughts came up from her feet and exited her mouth before they hit the brain. It is called an internal monologue, get one.

After we got home Allison assembled the lamps and I assembled the chair. She also laid out the rug and I did some blogging.

As I was blogging I heard some noises, some beeps from the other room. Allison was using her new camera. Yep, new Camera. I got Allison a new camera for Valentine’s day. The camera is a Canon SD600 and I also got her a 1GB memory card and a LowePro Ridge 10 camera bag. I gave her the camera last night because I also got myself a new camera and I wanted to play with it. I got the Canon SD800 IS and a LowePro Ridge 10 camera bag.

I gave Allison both cameras in their respective camera bags and told her that one was hers and she needed to guess. She picked the red bag because practically everything I own is blue. She gives me some ribbing about that but I always know what is mine. Here are some pictures from when we opened the cameras.

A New Camera for Allison

A New Camera for Drew

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