Photo-A-Day #684 02/21/07


I realized today that I didn’t show you my haul from yesterday’s outing at the Hasbro Toy company. I picked up 4 transformers that I had been waiting to get. And the funny thing is that today Hasbro sent me an e-mail (I’m subscribed to their online toy store) with a message that Transformers are on sale for up to 50% off until March 11, 2007. The prices still don’t beat the ones I got at the actual company. I’m very excited about the figures. I love the whole Classics’ line and wish that there were more of them. I hear that at this year’s convention the molds that are being used are the ones for the Classics.

So I am venturing into new waters. I have started another blog. This one is called The Wired Kayaker and I will be creating an outdoors and technology blog. One of the reasons I am doing this is because I would like to get into podcasting and video podcasting and this blog really isn’t the forum for that. I also wanted to blog about the things I love in a more specific way. This blog is a mass of everything that I have coming at me and is mostly pop culture and Photo-A-Day. Flatwater was going to be my kayaking blog but I turned that into a bookstore of sorts with an affiliate membership with Now it is a listing of the things I want to buy on as well as the current books I am reading.

Another reason I want to do The Wired Kayaker is so it would force me to get out on the water more this season. I plan to try and get out each time I am on the Cape and try to get out and explore new places. So check it out when you get a chance. It is brand new.

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