Lindsay and Dave

Today I flew back from Pittsburgh. And I know I say it every time I go to that airport but I like the Pittsburgh airport because of the free wireless Internet access (Id say wi-fi but since I don’t know the actual meaning of the term I don’t want to incur Andy’s wrath for my using it wrong). I think every airport should make the wireless Internet complimentary. It would certainly alleviate some of the tension that business travelers face when they are delayed in an airport.

I got home with no drama except the flight attendant asked me if I would switch seats with a mother and daughter so they could sit together. Like a polite chump I agreed and I gave up the two seat row that I had all to myself. Oh well it was only an hour flight no biggie. I continued to read Skin Tight and also watched a few episodes of the Talking Tech podcast from USA Today. I’d love for companies to send me cool stuff to review like Ed and Jeff. Maybe I should write to some kayak companies to see if they would send me stuff to review on The Wired Kayaker.

Tonight Allison and I went to a surprise engagement party for Lindsay and Dave. We had a very good time there. I have some additional pictures from tonight.

Lindsay and Dave
Lindsay and Dave

The Chocolate Fountain
The Chocolate Fountain

Five of the bridesmaids and Lindsay
Five of the bridesmaids and Lindsay

The Arch
Good thing I was there or else this arch would still be on the floor.

Take a look at this sponsored post that I put up about the movie The Ultimate Gift. I am very excited about this movie. Take a look at the trailer when you get a chance and if you can see it on the weekend of March 9th then please go see it. I truly believe that the message that this movie is trying to get out there is important.

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