Photo-A-Day #690 02/27/07


Living in New England you see lots of old cemeteries with rock walls around them. I remember when I was a kid in grade school I was an altar boy and I had to do a funeral at this cemetery. I drive by it almost every day for work. I like to take back roads, just like my Christopher Williams shirt says. I really like how the rock walls and these ancient stones look. This gravestone is from 1853 but the woman buried there was born on February 26, 1767, wow that would have been freaky if I took this picture yesterday.

I pass by things every day on my ride to work that I want to get photos of. This morning I was on Route 9 and the wind was kicking up the snow so the island in the middle of a lake to my left looked really awesome, but I was unable to stop in the middle of Route 9. I swear sometimes the best vantage points to see things are from the car when you are speeding down the road. Then you get to a scenic overlook and it doesn’t look as good as what you just saw but couldn’t photograph.

I had to get dinner ready tonight so instead of the gym I worked out in the Wii gym. Mostly boxing but I did a pretty decent show of baseball too. I did my Wii age and went from 38 to 49. Tennis gets me every time. I was happy to see that Boxing was incorporated into today’s Wii age test. I kicked butt by knocking 24 bags off the chain in 1 minute. Pretty soon I will have to get this shirt. Body by Wii. It was created by Greg Dean of Real Life Comics. He has some great shirts and one was even worn by Adam on Mythbusters in one episode. I think Greg should send some shirts to Cali Lewis so she can wear them on her Podcast.

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