Oliver on Allison's Leg

Oliver and Duncan are sticking close to Allison lately They aren’t leaving her alone that much. So tonight when she came home from Knitting they kept brushing up against her legs over and over.

Allison is having a good time knitting, she is a knitting machine, each week she finishes a new piece of a project before she goes to class. And each week when she comes home she is far along on the next piece of that project. She astounded the group tonight with how quickly and accurately she knits.

Jenn came over tonight and brought soup. It was pretty tasty.

I’ve been hitting the gym lately, just the recumbent bike and the treadmill to get my wind up. I’m going to start tracking my distances during each session. Today I did 7.35 miles on the bike over 30 minutes and 1.67 miles on the treadmill over 1/2 an hour. I can’t seem to find a tracker to use to put on this blog to show my overall distances. Oh well.

Since I am back at the gym I have a few pet peeves to share. Cell phones. Today I saw a girl on the treadmill talking on her cell phone as she worked out. No, no, no that is not right. Cell phones are not for the gym. Disconnect for a little while and work out.

I also made it to and completed the next Light Spirit section in The Legend of Zelda. The game get better and better the more I play it.

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