Photo-A-Day #700 03/09/07

Allison and I pose with the QuikPod

Today’s photo was taken by me using a great new device that I just received in the mail. I learned about this from Cali Lewis on It is called the QuikPod and I wrote a great post about it on Flatwater. I used the QuikPod for today’s Photo-A-Day and a few other things that I am working on and am very excited that it arrived before the weekend. So now I can try using it while I am on my snowshoeing trip this weekend.

Also today I got a few more posts moved over to the New BenSpark. It still doesn’t look all that pretty but I am working on the content. I will pretty it up later. It has been really fun to go back over some of my old posts. I’ve only done 50+ out of the past 2000+ so that feeling will get old soon. I am also working really hard to make the new blog very easy for people to search. I have added tags to every single post and then created categories and sub-categories and sub-sub-categories so that navigating through my new site will be so easy. So, if you are into roller blading, you can click the category for roller blading and see all my posts about that subject. And if you really like the Photo-A-Day concept but you could do without my commentary then I will be making use of the (more) tag, that will allow me to display the photo and then give you the choice to read on about the commentary on that photo.

This afternoon I had a doctor’s appointment and I ended up over in Attleboro, so on the way back I swung over and picked up my comic books. I had quite a stack waiting for me at Wild Time Comics. Randy even set aside a black and white issue of the Transformer’s movie prequel comic. I’m very excited to read that but I didn’t get time to read any comics today. After work I started my submission video for RockStartup’s call for Postie videos. I used the QuikPod to make my video, unfortunately I finally ran out of batteries in my new camera, which was actually a long time because I have only charged it once. So, I am not completely finished for the video and will get a few more things filmed this weekend along with my secret project.

FuelMyBlog is picking up more steam. Allison is now listed on FuelMyBlog and she needs some votes so please check out her blog, Sparky’s View and give her some votes and leave her a comment.

I found this fantastic kayaking blog called South West Sea Kayaking and I wrote about that site on The Wired Kayaker.

Tonight Allison and I went with Mom, Dad and Tara to the movies to see Wild Hogs. This was a pretty funny movie. It has been the #1 movie since it came out and I wonder if 300 will knock it off. It was sold out tonight and I was glad that Dad went over early to buy tickets. There were some very funny moments and quite a few good cameos. John C. McGinley from Scrubs made a very “revealing” cameo. More than I needed to see, but it made for some funny moments. And I liked the team of Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy. I was reading that Ray Romano had once been tied to this movie. I think William H. Macy really made the movie well rounded. I don’t think I could see Ray Romano in that role. The end was a bit silly and sappy, but it did have another great cameo. And then the very end, stay for the credits, was rather funny as well. Plenty of product placements for OCC and the cameos by Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. were funny. We all enjoyed the movie very much.

I submitted a new Badge for PayPerPost in a recent contest, the voting is now up. If you are a registered Postie you can cast a vote, and if you do vote for my submission which is #9. It looks like this.

Click the Image to get to the thread to vote. I have 5 votes already. So cool. But I am not the top one yet. Help me out with a vote.

Update: I did not win, I came in 3rd.

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