Photo-A-Day #713 03/22/07

Flying Pig in CVG Airport

Today I flew home from Indianapolis. My flight was at 6:10am. I had a thirty minute drive from the hotel to the airport and I hadn’t been to this airport before so I got there my usual two hours ahead. So I ended up staying up all night rather than risking oversleeping.

With the new bed that we have at home I am sleeping so well and sleeping so long. I didn’t want to end up oversleeping. I figured that since I stayed up I would have packed up everything and not missed a thing. Nope, I ended up leaving my copy of Carl Hiaasen’s book Skin Tight. So I was last on chapter 19 of the book and would like to finish it. And I wanted to hang on to this book for my Beach Book Collection at the Cape House. I never leave things like that on a trip and was very annoyed with myself.

So I ended up picking up a copy of Entertainment Weekly to read on the take offs and the landings. In the time in between I was able use my iPod and listen to some podcasts and watch some my episodes of Talking Tech with Jeff and Ed. I am almost caught up.

The photo is of a Flying Pig sculpture in the CVG airport that I saw as I was making my way from one terminal to another. I had enough time to stop and snap this picture. Glad I did because when I got home I ended up passing out from 12:00-5:00pm. I really needed the sleep.

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