Photo-A-Day #720 03/29/07

Dinner at Kokomo's Island Cafe

I am still in Minnesota and I had a very good day. I slept nice and late and poked around the hotel for a while. Then I walked over to Sculpture by Roghair. I spent some time talking with Dennis’ wife and looking around their shop. Inside there were many very nice gifts and she made homemade fudge and it was very tasty. We talked for a bit and then Dennis came back. He said hello but was back out again running errands. I never did get a chance to see him do his carving.

Inside the shop I found the buffalo statues that Andy requested. Here is a picture of it.

Buffalo Statue

There will be two at the end of Andy’s driveway in a month or so. I hope you like them. I also took a better picture of the shop and a picture of Dennis’ latest commissioned piece.

The Sculpture Shop
The Sculpture Shop

This will be a giant 1950's policeman
This will be a giant 1950’s policeman.

This will be a policeman from the 1950’s who is putting boots on a small child. It will be done with a chainsaw. I also had to take the picture of the wolf sculpture too.

Wolf Statue
Wolf Statue

After the demonstration Katie and I drove from Grand Rapids to Minneapolis. We stopped and checked in at the hotel and headed out to the Mall of America. I love going to the Mall of America because there is so much to do. Katie had never been before so she enjoyed it too. We made sure that we got to Bare Escentuals to get some makeup for Allison. Also Mo wanted a picture of the store. So here I am at the store. Katie took a few of these shots.

At the Checkout
At the Checkout

An artistic shot by Katie
An artistic shot by Katie

Then we caught up with the rest of the folks from work and had dinner at Kokomo’s Island Cafe. Dinner was very good and we had another patron take our picture.

The Yucatan Toucan, very tasty drink.
The Yucatan Toucan, very tasty drink.

QuikPod Shot, Why don't I smile.
QuikPod Shot, Why don’t I smile.

Tiki Drew's long lost brother.
Tiki Drew’s long lost brother.

I also took a few with my QuikPod.

After dinner we went on the Log Ride and the Tumbling Timber’s Roller Coaster. We had so much fun. After that we were so dizzy. Katie and I couldn’t stop laughing as we drove back to the hotel on an empty tank of gas and searching for a gas station with very little luck.

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  1. I LOVE THE PICTURES!!! HAAAA!! Are you sad that you didn’t spend more time there? I certainly would be. I think I would be in that one store for hours!! It’s like Disney for BE addicts!!!

    Thank you for the pictures!!!

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