Photo-A-Day #722 03/31/07

Soldier in silhouette in Tiverton, RI

Today Allison and I started the day with some bacon, egg and cheese English muffins that I made. They were very tasty. I felt like making breakfast this weekend so on Friday when I got home from my trip I stopped at the store and got the supplies needed. I also added to Allison’s reserves of Limeade. She loves the stuff. Simply Limeade is the best because there is no high fructose corn syrup.

In the afternoon I got an e-mail message from The Transformers Collector’s Club. The registration form and brochure for BotCon 2007 had just come out. I immediately filled out my Registration form and faxed it in. There is a great feature this year which is an early screening of the Transformers Live action movie. You know, the one I’ve been counting down to for over 2 years now. Well, I will get to see the movie 6 days early as long as my registration was one of the first ones to make it in. Also this year the collector’s set is an all Decepticon one which will include the rest of the seekers. That will be pretty sweet. And I signed up for the top package so I will be getting a bonus figure as well as admission to the awards dinner on Saturday night. I hope that my friends Ryan and Don can make it to the convention too. It will be nice to go to this thing with friends. This will also be the first Botcon I will have gone to since 2003.

Tonight Allison and I went with Jenn to see Ellis Paul at the Common Fence in Portsmouth, RI. We had never been to this venue before but were eager to check it out.

The Common Fence Point Community Hall was very close to Evelyn’s Drive In. I figured that we would have a nice dinner there before the show but they do not open until this coming Monday. Oh well, we drove a little ways further to the Stone Bridge Restaurant in Tiverton, RI. The food at the Stone Bridge was good. They had a selection of seafood and Italian dishes and the view was very nice. We watched the sunset through the windows. I went outside and across the street to get the Photo-A-Day picture and a couple other pictures.

Sunset in Tiverton.
Sunset in Tiverton.

A ship on th water in Tiverton, RI.
A ship on th water in Tiverton, RI.

Then we headed over to the Common Fence Point Community Hall. The place was already packed at 7:20pm. A little inside knowledge that we will keep for next visit is that the doors open at 7:00pm and you can bring your own food and drinks to the hall. We will know for our next trip. The Common Fence Point Community Hall was a very nice little place, there were tables through the middle of the room and folding chairs all around the outer edges. We sat by the back wall. As we were waiting for the show to begin we saw a friend of mine from College, Stevie D and his wife Kristen. We had seen them at a previous Ellis Paul show back in January of 2004. It was nice to talk with them and catch up a bit. We’ll probably see them in another 3 years at some other Ellis Paul show.

The show was very good. Flynn opened the show and he was really on his game tonight. I really enjoyed his music this evening and his story about meeting Cher gets better and better. Flynn has a great way of storytelling and is very enjoyable to watch.

After Flynn was done there was a short intermission and Ellis took to the stage. He played many of the songs that we have come to know and love over the years and he introduced us to two new songs. I do not know the name of the songs but one was probably called Summertime and the other had to do with wabi sabi. Wabi Sabi basically means treasuring those things that change in our lifetime and grow old and become more wonderful. I am paraphrasing but I think that was the gist.

After the show we bought Essentials which is a two disc set of Ellis‘ music. Then we got in line and got that CD signed by Ellis and Jenn took our picture with Ellis.

I also took a few pictures during the show. Only once did I forget and let the flash go off. The rest of the time I tried to capture Ellis and Flynn when they were not moving, so I have tuning pictures.

Flynn tuning his guitar.
Flynn tuning his guitar.

Ellis Tuning his Guitar.
Ellis tuning his Guitar.

Ellis and Flynn singing Let it Be.
Ellis and Flynn singing “Let it Be”.

Allison and I with Ellis Paul
Allison and I with Ellis Paul

I linked to both Ellis and Flynn’s MySpace pages, there you can hear many of the songs from the show including Summertime from Ellis and White from Flynn.

and one of the biggest happy surprises from the show was that Ellis is writing a children’s album. We are very excited about that one.

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