No more Photo-A-Day

Oliver says no more Photo-A-Day. So I’m all done with it.

Yeah, like that would happen. I am 8 days away from completing 2 years of Photo-A-Day and there is no chance I’m stopping anytime soon. So that was my lame attempt at a April Fool’s joke.

Today is my friend Marybeth’s birthday. So I wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday. And there are more April birthday’s to come.

The other day I signed up to place comments on USA Today. I commented on the most recent episode of Lost and left my first comment ever. Allison asked me tonight if I went back and re-read the comments after I left one. I just did and apparently I got 46 recommendations to my comment. I guess that means that people agreed with what I had to say. That was rather interesting.

Today Erik and Tara came over and played a little bit with the Wii. Erik liked it once he got used to the controls. We had a good time playing with Wii Sports.

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One Response to “Photo-A-Day #723 04/01/07”

  1. Mo says:

    My mom said tonight that she wants a Wii…I laughed out loud! Happy April…the bestest month the whole year long!!