Photo-A-Day #725 04/03/07

Duncan in Yellow

Today’s photo is of Duncan but it is really about the great feature of my Canon SD800is camera. This feature is called Color Accent. It can only be accessed if you take your camera off the automatic mode and jump into the scary area of manual settings. But it is really cool and worth playing around with. I talk more about the process and my inspiration for this type of photo on Flatwater.

I need to say that Ted Murphy of PayPerPost is a good sport. I watched the episode of the Calacanis Cast today and probably wont tune in again. I watched it to see Ted, the man behind PayPerPost and Jason Calacanis discuss PayPerPost.

First of all Ted had to sit through a very condescending interview conducted by Jason Calacanis. Ted was a gentleman. Ted defended himself well from the attacks. I did notice that they both used a buzzword that I can’t stand and that is “at the end of the day”. Ted, please strike that from your repertoire of rhetoric it is a space filler.

I have to give credit to Ted for putting up with the attacks and twisting of words throughout the interview. I did like how Ted got Robyn $1,000. Calacanis had some issue with the Postie Patrol that Robyn thoroughly enjoyed participating in. And he challenged Ted to have Calacanis Cast written on his (Ted’s) forehead. Ted did it for $1,000 that was given to Robyn. And what did Robyn do with the money, she gave to the Posties in the form of an opportunity Titled: Paying It Forward. She made an opp and asked all Posties to write i “heart” (draw a heart) Ted on their foreheads and talk about how that came about. I would have taken the opp if this blog had the proper page rank to qualify so I’m writing about it now and will get my forehead picture later. I think that both Ted and Robyn showed big hearts today. You can watch the interview at

I can’t wait to shake Ted’s hand at PostieCon 2007. I’m going, are you?

I didn’t end up getting the opp but in a show of solidarity to my fellow Posties and because I figure that Ted has helped me make well over that $1,000 I would also show the love for Mr. Murphy. And Thank you Robyn for starting this trend. Robyn was also very helpful to me during the puzzle hunts. So even though this is not a sponsored post I wanted to participate anyway.

I Heart Ted
I drew this myself in the mirror. I should have started further over. And I have a tough time smiling and trying to take the picture. I should have used my QuikPod. But I did write it in green.

Here is one of my better shots of Starscream as I attempted to use him as the subject for Photo-A-Day. Why, because the special set of toys for BotCon 2007 are going to be Starscream’s fellow Seekers and two other bad motor scooters, Thunderwing and BugBite.


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  1. I like the photo-very cool. I am still learning my new camera…I went with the SD630. I’m not going to lie-it intimidates me…but I’ll learn for the sake of the investment!!

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