Photo-A-Day #726 04/04/07

Shenanigans and Tomfoolery are out and about. I know of an office that is filled with some balloons. Someone is going to be having a fun morning tomorrow. Luckily that person is very good humored and the prank was done all in fun.

So, today I dropped my car off at the Honda Dealership for my 90,000 mile service. I got a call later in the day to tell me that my struts were leaking and my catalytic converter shields were worn and about to fall off. So now instead of a $400.00 bill I was now looking at a $1,150.00 bill. Ouch! That news was not good to hear. I asked if any of it was covered under my extended warranty they were not sure. So they would call me back. I sweated about it for a while and was happy to hear that the struts were covered but the catalytic converter shields were not. So I was looking at a more tolerable number.

But of course the story doesn’t end there. I went to pick up the car and got in it to discover that the battery light was on. I went back in and told the service professional, he got the mechanic and I went back and waited. Come to find out even though my battery and everything else checked out fine my alternator was gone. So they set me up with a rental car and I will pick up my car tomorrow.

I just got a call from the Honda dealership and I ended up taking a whole box of keys with me in the car. Whoops!

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6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #726 04/04/07”

  1. I didn’t mean to steal them. And all of this means that I love my telecommute day tomorrow. Frick! (If you are a Scrubs fan then you know that tomorrow probably rates a Double Frick but I guess I am mellowing.)

  2. We need to take the Catmobile in to the Ford dealer for service soon…the brakes are going, and it’s got over 100,000 miles on it. The extended warranty has expired, so now I shudder as to what this will cost.

    Hopefully, it’s just the brakes. We replaced the alternator a couple of years ago (luckily Mike was able to get the car off of I-93 before it died). That WAS covered under the extended warranty. Whew!

    Glad you’re at least getting some of this stuff paid for!

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