Photo-A-Day #730 04/08/07

Taylor and the Cake

Taylor waits hungrily for a chance at my Birthday Cake. My mom handed me the cake and it had one unlit candle on it, I noticed that Taylor was eying the cake hungrily. I slipped my camera out of its case and snapped this picture. I timed it right to cake Taylor’s tongue sticking out. She is such a good dog because she was inches away from the cake but did not even try to eat it. But we weren’t about to tempt fate so we got the cake a safe distance away from her.

Today Allison and I were at Dan and Marcia’s for the morning and early afternoon. We watched the Movie Stranger Than Fiction and we really enjoyed it. I wrote a review of it for BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo and that will be posted tomorrow. For now you can read my preview of the upcoming Fox show starring Nathan Fillion called Drive.

We had a very delicious ham from Harry and Davids and Marcia and Dan made corn fritters, homemade scalloped potatoes and green bean casserole with fried onions on top. Our Easter meal was excellent. Nate came over to the house and had dessert with us. We finished off more of the ice cream birthday cake. It was from Dairy Queen and was very good. Nate and Sarah got me a gift card for Barnes and Noble. I think I am going to replace my lost Carl Haissen book Skin Tight and pick up another one of his books.

Did I mention that Allison gave me Excite Truck for the Wii. I can’t wait to play that game. I love those fun driving games and this one is supposed to be excellent. I will of course give you my full impressions of that game once I have had time to play it. Look for my review on BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo. Allison also got me a great battery charger for AA batteries that I can use with the Wii.

Around 4:00 we headed home. We spent this evening with my parents and Tara and Erik. Mom and Dad got me a Saint A’s alumni sweatshirt. They stopped in there to the bookstore a couple of weeks back on a trip. They also helped fund part of BotCon 2007 for me. So I am 2/3 of the way funded. I am very excited about that. Tara and Erik gave me some very helpful items including some natural food items for me to try. And they also got me a book that will be very helpful. And they helped fund my ticket to see Transformers The Movie at BotCon 2007.

Tomorrow I head off to Texas and then drive to Sulphur, LA. Should be an interesting 33rd birthday. I am on the eve of the beginning of my 3rd year of Photo-A-Day and still loving every minute of it. Hopefully I can get something very interesting on my trip from Houston, TX to Sulphur, LA.

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