Photo-A-Day #736 04/14/07

Super close up fly

Today Allison had a Zeta meeting and I intended to get some time in with the Wii but instead I worked on blog stuff. Made a post on BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo about Reign Over Me that we saw last night with Autumn and Kenny. I added a couple of posts to Flatwater Tech on and a commercial I saw featuring the awesome Cali Lewis of I also wrote about the Kayak Journal Podcast on The Wired Kayaker.

After I pulled myself away from the computer I went out to run some errands. First on the list was to head to the comic book shop. I will talk about my haul and review some of the books on BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo tomorrow because that is a rainy day activity. I also picked up a Maxtor external hard drive at Comp USA because they are closing most stores in MA. It was 20% off so it was a decent deal. Then I ran into my Aunt Corrine in the local CVS.

When I got back home I set up the external drive and backed up all the major files on the computer. I’ll write a review of the time tomorrow on Flatwater Tech. I also went out and took a few pictures to find today’s Photo-A-Day. I think this fly was really lethargic because I was able to get super close to it, once. I then took a few macro shots of the tree in the front yard, I was looking for interesting textures.

An interesting Knot.
An interesting Knot.

Looks like I could rock climb this, but it is tree bark.
Looks like I could rock climb this, but it is tree bark.

Allison and our friend Amy picked me up and we headed to Amy’s house to have dinner with her and her husband Ryan and their son Mason. Mason is getting so big and he is such a smart kid, he’s talking in complete sentences and is very funny. He has a set of cardboard blocks that are red, blue and yellow. Before he went upstairs for his bath he asked me to make a tower for him. We had been playing at making houses and forts ans stuff so he could knock them down after they were made. But when he came downstairs he was in awe at how tall the tower was that he didn’t even knock it over.

After Mason went to bed Amy and Ryan and Allison and I played Wii Sports. We started with Bowling and then got our butts handed to us in Tennis (Amy and Ryan vs. Allison and I). Then we played Golf. I won that one. They have a huge TV and when we played Monster 4X4 World Circuit it was like each of us had our ow TV’s to watch. Once the racing games came out the wives lost interest and that was a good thing because Ryan and I played my new game Excite Truck and it is only two players. I will have a review of that up soon on Flatwater Tech or BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo, I haven;t decided yet. The game is awesome though, very very fun and the graphics are killer.

Well it is late. Look for more stuff tomorrow from each blog.

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