Photo-A-Day #738 04/16/07

Wall damage at T.F. Green Airport

I am in the PVD airport. It is 5:43pm. I was supposed to be on an 11:00am flight that would have gotten me to PIT by 12:52pm. Today’s photo is why I was not on that flight. Because of the strong winds in the New England area a wall of new construction was blown down into the Terminal at the PVD airport. I’ve been watching the progress of this new addition and I can’t believe the entire wall crumbled because of the wind.

All over the terminal there are reminders of the wind’s devastation. There are huge puddles of water, crumbled wallboard and the carts that sell souvenirs and snacks and stuff are all mangled. It was pretty wild to see.

This also means that I won’t be getting to my hotel till 12:00am. And my demo tomorrow is at 7:00am. Oh I am not going to enjoy that at all. Then I have to rush back to the airport to catch my flight to PDX. And at least on Wednesday I have a day to myself. And I have to drive 3 hours to the site.

Things could be worse. I can’t let myself get caught up in my own garbage when today was a terrible day for Virginia Tech. My heart and prayers are with the families of the victims. Why is there such senseless violence in the world? I will never understand it.

I have finally arrived at my hotel. I ended up getting a standby direct flight to PIT. I was very lucky that I was in the right place at the right time to get that seat. I had an uneventful flight and used my time to watch some podcasts and use my new noise reduction earphones. They were from the Sharper Image. I bought that and a new iPod ready clock radio, much better than the last one. I was able to get that thanks to a generous wedding gift from Jerry.

Today I also changed the template on Flatwater Tech. I like it and it is easier to maintain. I have to go through and fix some posts because they had a green font to them and that made them hard to read.

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  1. Actually the wall is of new construction and the winds we had were very strong. Says nothing about the airport, PVD is a very well run airport. I was contacted that my flight was canceled and rebooked. I got where I was going and they shut down for the safety of the passengers.

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